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Но, как оказывается, многие беттеры знают об этой конторе и её плюсах, но не подозревают о подноготной работы с BET Дело в том, что BET является одной из самых параноидальных букмекерских контор. Поэтому для работы с ней недостаточно просто отключить WebRTC, как прокатывает с большинством контор; и спокойно работать через настройку браузера.

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В BET определение IP адреса реализовано также с использованием уязвимости проигрывателя Flash, через которую сливается IP адрес компьютера в обход используемого браузера.

И, поскольку, в случае BET отключить Flash нельзя. В которых настраивается прокси и через них заворачивается полностью весь трафик машины. Также, что касается английских подсетей — ввиду хороших бонусов для английских игроков, большинство лучший сервис прогнозов на спорт подсетей дата-центров находятся в бане BET, поэтому надо либо тщательно подбирать IP адреса расходы ложатся на заказчикалибо пользоваться другими европейскими и азиатскими странами.

Прокси любой географии поставляются под заказ, но поскольку специфика BET такова, что определить загодя бан IP адреса невозможно, а сервера под индивидуальные прокси заказываются в ДЦ, где чаще всего поменять IP уже нельзя — бан в данной системе является форс-мажором и на него не распространяется правила замены.

Более компактно: Английские подсети британских ДЦ для работы в BET, с большой вероятностью, находятся в бане сервиса. Name required. The pay and benefits are good but you are expected to work for it. From a software development point of view they have some very talented people on their books so there is a wealth of knowledge that can be drawn upon within teams. There is a small amount of freedom in regard to working hours and flexibility however due to the nature of the business this can understandably not be overly-flexible.

Very modern, easily accessible offices with good quality equipment and coffee free of charge in the canteen areas or instant coffee or tea bought to your desk by the friendly housekeepers.

There is however secure bike storage and showers if you prefer to cycle in. Good money Dealing with customers who are mostly horrible, and generally angry people.

There are some who are decent though.

Contact changes daily between Live Chats and Phone calls. Too many people have been promoted who are clueless and dont even know the answers to some basic work related questions. Supervisors who think they are much better than they are.

Rude managers. Half the staff are in relationships with each other, if your face fits you can go far. Good wage for being treated like dirt. All in all this a drones job.

Keep quiet and take your money. Your typical day at work includes managing your toilet time carefully to avoid disciplinary action, hearing supervisors shouting and screaming across the floor, and also listening to unprofessional management team.

The hardest part of the job is to handle the negativity from customer, colleagues and supervisors. Also prepare to enjoy some authoritarian leadership when you work on night shifts. Good luck!

The most enjoyable part of the job? Never a dull moment. Research and training in expected and time is provided as well as training material. Customer advisor. Plenty of rules and procedures which make the work place a bit slavery. The employees are treated like numbers in a big corporate. Good pay and working shifts. Well this place is just that. Fraud Department. Working within the Fraud Department helped to me to develop myself and multiple teams.

I have been able to massively improve on my Excel skills and fraud knowledge. Do not be fooled by the money. The salary is appealing in the Customer Services department as one of the biggest employers in the local area, however shortly after starting you will gain a realisation as to why.

This is an anti social job, where the superior members of staff bark orders at advisers and speak to them in an aggressive, rude and unprofessional manner. There is a horrendous work place culture and often Supervisors strive and are encouraged to be unapproachable, firm and blunt. Employees have to ask permission, and are timed and scrutinised for the length of time they take to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water and going over this short allocated time results in disciplinary action.

The role itself involve constant contact with customers if you are not on phone calls back to back and just take a minute to finish a task, this is also not allowed and is scrutinised.

Due to the nature of the business customers are often unhappy and can be unpleasant and aggressive. This combined with the way in which advisors are spoken down to and ordered about without basic manners internally, makes the role incredibly draining physically and emotionally.

The food, is only made available at meal times to suit workers again not applicable to Customer Services so your only option is an overpriced day old sandwich. The entire buildings colour scheme is grey, and this quite frankly sums the working environment up. A grim and unpleasant place to work.

Good workplace. Great workplace. Good management good staff. Good holidays and benefits. Opportunity for progression in different fields. Growing business. Most of the employees are being eavesdropped if with unprotected devices.